Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plagiarism is Not a Crime Compared to Copyright Infringement

In dictionaries Plagiarism is defined as the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions, and the representation of them as one's own original work. While Copyright Infringement is a violation of the rights of a copyright holder, when material protected by copyright is used without consent.

Plagiarism is not a crime but is disapproved more on the grounds of moral offence. Speaking of crime it is about the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Moral here is pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong. For details click Plagiarism is Not a Crime–how About Copyright Infringement.

I can still remember when I took up my creative writing with The Writers Bureau in Manchester, London in 1999 and Journalism and Short Story Writing with the ICS (International Correspondence School) Pennsylvania, USA in 2000 – my tutors told me that titles and ideas have no copyrights – that means anyone can use them.

Also I was told that copyrighted materials after at least 75 years starting the day the author died can be considered as domain materials. And domain materials can be used by anybody that include the Holy Bible and Fairy Tales. But when I referred them to an encyclopedia the definitions of Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement are far beyond of what I have learned from my tutorial schooling. Does it mean my tutors were liars?


Image via Wikipedia

In Copyright Infringement - the terms Piracy and Theft are highlighted. Piracy refers to an act which is intentionally committed or practice of labeling the infringement of exclusive rights in creative works - for financial gain. And they are called Pirates. The term Theft in Copyright Infringement does not refer to actual theft but an instance where a person exercises one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder without authorization.

Plagiarism is not the same as Copyright Infringement. However both terms may apply to a particular act, they are different concepts. Copyright infringement is a violation of the rights of a copyright holder, when material protected by copyright is used without consent. On the other hand, the moral concept of plagiarism is concerned with the unearned increment to the plagiarizing author's reputation that is achieved through false claims of authorship.

Anyway, to avoid from plagiarism and copyright infringement charges – one should ask first the permission or authorization from the copyright holder of copyrighted material and give credits to the authors for their original works.

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How Our Religion, Faith and Governments Can Help The People Involved in Prostitution

Some people said never discuss topics about sex, politics and religions as they are very delicate subject topics. But I do not agree with their logics because - there are many issues that the whole society are involved on sex, politics and religions. Example - today my topic is about Prostitution and for some details click: The World Will Convulse with Lust, If You Do Away with Harlots.

Mostly of the people involved in this craft are driven by economic constrained. But these people are better than a lazy man. For so very long years, no matter how the church has condemned, still prostitution exist. The state no matter how they punished this matter, yet it still exist.

Prostitution is defined as the act or practice of promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money. Several words are used for a woman and a man who engages in illicit sexual activity for pay, including HARLOT, whore and prostitute.

Pope Benedict XVI, on his Pontiff's words said, “Trafficking in human beings, especially women, flourishes where opportunities to improve their standard of living or even to survive are limited.” 

This is a universal issue started from the ancient world and yet it is still an issue nowadays. How our religion, faith and governments can help the people involved in prostitution? 

Several classes of harlots existed in the ancient world. One type was the temple prostitute, who performed sexual acts at a heathen temple. Both male and female cult prostitutes presided at these temples. Whenever a righteous king ruled Judah, this king sought to remove the temple prostitutes from the land (2 King 23:4-14).

A second class of prostitutes consisted of those who owned bars or inns and had sexual relations with the patrons who desired their services. Rahab of Jericho was such a woman. God had mercy on her, and she was delivered and transformed. Her name is included in the genealogy of the Messiah. Jerusalem was pictured as playing the part of a harlot. But instead of being paid for her services, she paid others! 

Should we condemn these people involved?

I would rather fraternize with these people whose reasons are to make a living in this dog-eat-dog-world than with those who disguise themselves in veils of holiness when in truth and in fact they do the worst things, such as, steal in the disguise of religion. I’d rather be with prostitutes than tolerate hypocrisy as if they live modest lives. I’m not trying to justify prostitution because it is still unlawful but then we should not be quick to judge these people for their respective reasons, they may have to be engaged in this oldest profession but we should not treat them like criminals. 

Who would help the victims?

There are cases that pimps seek out young girls usually runaways or loners. They show off their fancy cars, clothes, jewelries and money leading them to believe that they too can achieve a life of luxury.

At the first opportunity, they move them from their hometowns to unfamiliar places. There they start - the abuse becoming physically and sexually violent forcing her into unwanted sex. They control where these young go, what they do and whom they can speak to. They take all of their money so they are financially dependent on them hoping to prevent them escaping. They are sexually exploited and being treated as no more than a piece of human garbage!

What if prostitution is legalized?

By legalizing prostitution will allow the act to be managed instead of ignored. Prostitutes would no longer be strong-armed by pimps or organized crime rings. And there would also be health-safety improvements.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift and Industry are Virtues to be Exploited and to be Admired

The thrift and industry always go hand in hand. They are virtues that will heal our hearts, homes and nations. The thrift and labor of the people make a home, a nation, a community and make a family strong and independent.

What is Thrift and Industry?

Thrift is all about economical management also known as frugality which is the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner. Here Frugal living is practiced by those who aim to cut expenses, have more money and get the most they possibly can from their money. Industry is all about hard work – devoted activity at any work or task or diligence of a person.

The Importance of Saving

When my father was still alive, he often told us about the importance of saving. He always reminded us the old saying “The hard works of a person is nothing when he does not know how to save”. When I got married twenty-four years ago, what I learned from my father, I also taught it to my children that includes also about financial planning and budgeting.

I Love Teaching My Children

Until now I am teaching my children the importance on how to manage their funds and other resources. They would have to learn them and improve their financial intelligence on how to making more money, protecting their money, budgeting their money, leveraging their money and to improving their financial information because I believe the knowledge that they will learn today will be useful for their future.

Labor Do Nations Become Stronger

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Nothing of real substance comes without work. Nothing happens in this world until there is work. Only through labor do nations become stronger, cities become more attractive, families become more tightly knit and lives become more robust. If we are to build another great generation, we must work with vision and with faith.

The Age of Fun

We learned that various periods of humanity have been denoted as ages – the age of stone, the age of iron, the age of industry. Now the present age is described as the age of fun. The reason is that most people are spending more of their money and more of their time to satisfy the physical desire for pleasure. Most of us expect advancements and material pleasures to come quickly.

To read more articles on virtues – click the following: Love, Honesty, Morality, Civility, Learning, Forgiveness and Mercy, Gratitude, Optimism, Faith. Happy reading!

Let Us Start Saving

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Our present age is an age of persuasive advertisements and skillful salesmanship, all designed to entice us to spend and sometimes often to spend money we don’t have. If we cannot control them our tendency is to cling to borrowing money from friends, banks and relatives. Credit cards and other kinds of plastic money are available to nearly everyone at eighteen or over eighteen year old. Seductive advertising strives to persuade us that we deserve to have it all and to have it now, regardless of the cost.

Work and thrift are indeed virtues to be exploited, virtues to be admired, virtues vital to the stability of any healthy society, family and individual. So, let’s start saving for our future!

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Artificial Respiration For a Person Who has Ceased Due to Choking and Electric Shock.

Artificial respiration is defined as the act of assisting or stimulating respiration – a metabolic process referring to the overall exchange of gases in the body by pulmonary ventilation, external respiration and internal respiration.

If a person chokes on food or other objects and stops breathing – artificial respiration can be applied to save him. A rescuer should wipe out any fluid vomits, mucus or other objects from the mouth with fingers and he should be certain to reach into the throat with a finger or fingers to remove any object blocking the throat and he should remove clothing to expose the chest.

If the person has stopped breathing due to an electric shock – a rescuer should first find the electric source and switch off current by using non-conductive articles like a dry broom handle or dry rope before removing casualty from contact and start giving rescue breathing.

To read my other article about first aid and emergency procedures click Heart-Lung Resuscitation.

Artificial Respiration also can be applied when a person has stopped breathing from drowning or from other causes like heart arrest or cardiac arrest as a first aid. But a rescuer should not panic while he is giving rescue breathing to the victim.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sex Education for Children and Teenagers

For the past fifty years I am lively kicking off in this planet, I observe that every time a person heard and read the word SEX – he immediately defines it maliciously as sexual intercourse, foreplay or love-making with a sexual partner. Sex is also about all aspects of sexuality including: body image, sexual orientation, sexual pleasure, values, decision making, communication, dating, relationships and many more.

Three months ago, I read the news story shared to me from one of my forum groups which was about a girl who was a ten-year old who got pregnant and delivered her first baby boy on her 11th year birthday, after she played the “Father and Mother” with her playmate who was also about her age, I was really shocked.

Image by rossaroni via Flickr

From that story, I decided to do some research for this article. And if lucky, this will be one of my advocate subjects to tell the world that sex education should be taught to children, teenagers and even to adults – to correct misconceptions about sex.

There are many reasons to consider why sex education should be taught to youngsters most especially such as:

(1) Children and teenagers need to be educated early about sex to become aware and to become more responsible in dealing with this matter.

(2) Teaching with this matter should start at home but parents should refrain from using the word SEX to avoid any malicious meanings that the word may transport to young minds. They can use synonyms for it such as male and female gender, femininity, manhood, manliness, masculinity, sexuality, womanhood, womanliness and many more.

(3) Since malice among children and youths start at a young age, teaching about sex education is a necessity – to avoid kids to indulge in premarital sex at early age.

(4) Aside from home sex education should be also taught in school.

(5) Teenagers lives are crucial because this is the time when they are attracted to the opposite sexes. Sex education is a good move for children and teenagers to let them fully understand the meaning of their being.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What to Do When There is Heart Arrest in Your Household

Heart arrest which is also known as circulatory arrest is different from heart attack. It is the cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively. While Heart attack is the interruption of blood supply to a part of the heart, causing heart cells to die. Heart arrest is already common nowadays even young children have already experiencing this illness.

If there is heart arrest in your household – avoid panicking. Calm down and relax. The first thing what you would do is (1) Call or summon a medical person/officer as soon as possible in every case, (2) Feel pulse of the person, listen for heartbeat with ear against chest, (3) If no heartbeat is heard, start Heart-Lung Resuscitation.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love—The Basis for All Being

Love is the basis for all being. It can be described as actions towards others or to oneself based on compassion. Or actions towards others based on affection. It refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction.

Love is the lodestar of Life…

It is the heart of life, the force that erases
the differences between people
it bridges the splits of bitterness
the pot of gold at the beginning
and at the end of the rainbow

It springs the beauty that bends
across the sky on a stormy days
the security for which children weep
the yearning of youth
the adhesive that binds marriage…

the lubricant that prevents
devastating friction in the home
the safeguard of community life
the beam of hope in a world of distress…

It is a gift of God, the most enduring
most powerful virtue: LOVE!

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(Filipino Version)

Isa kang mamahaling hiyas na nakapulupot
Sa baywang ng sagradong balangaw
Ilaw mo’y liwanag ng malawak na kalangitan
Kumikinang kahit sa gitna ng karimlan

Image via Wikipedia

Tulay ka ng mga nasasawi’t nasasaktan
Pinapangarap ng mga taong nagmamahal
Ika’y langis na hahaplos sa lahat ng sigalot
Na namumutawi sa loob at labas ng tahanan…

Matibay kang bantayog ng mabuting pamayanan
Taglay mo’y buhay at dakilang pag-asa
Para sa mundong puno ng hilahil at hinagpis
Ang ma-angkin ka ay samo ng bawat isa…

Hindi matutularang regalong bigay ni Bathala
Ika’y makapangyarihan at walang katulad: O Pag-ibig!

Because you have the love reading this piece, you are welcome to my Secret World.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Standing Ovation to Our Filipino Pride Charice Pempengco at Woman's Day Award New York

On February 8, 2011, Charice Pempengco - the "Most Talented Girl in the World" according to Ms. Oprah Winfrey was one of the highlight singers during the 8th Annual Woman's Day Red Dress Award in New York City in the Jazz of Lincoln Center.

In that event Charice sang "The Bodyguard Medley" and "I Will Survive" with audience applauded her with standing ovation and screams even before she had completed each song.

The Woman's Day Award this year’s in honor of some of the most passionate women in America for their outstanding contributions in heart-related medical issues.

Honorees include Barbara Walters, Delores E. Covington, Hoda Kotb, Rita F. Redberg and Denise Morrison. They represent news correspondent, Medical doctor, company executive and other areas of profession.

Last June 23, 2010, Charice was at Singapore Idol singing the medley of "I have nothing" and "I will always love you" - an awesome and jaw-dropping live performance.

Charice popularity started in 2007 on You tube as "YouTube Singing Sensation". She’s the first solo Asian artist in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart.



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