Monday, February 18, 2013

Natural Links are Generated Through General Interest

Many people now is talking about it - that search engines are now looking natural links on hubs, articles or columns. 

According to some experts on SEO, natural, or organic links are not special URLs as the name suggests to many people. Instead, what search engines are looking for are links to websites or articles that are generated through general interest, not traffic mills.

Image source: WikinutAwesome Website

There are ways to generate natural links. This includes many of the same ways a writer fosters good net etiquette in the first place such as: 

  • He should leave relevant, useful, information-rich comments on others' blogs or websites that genuinely interest him and relate to the content he produced on his own site.
  • He can link to other sites that produce quality, relevant content and then, and if those site owners find his contents to be equally relevant and useful, they are likely to link back to his site and share his contents with their readers.

On that way, a natural link happens, well and naturally. He can increase the likelihood of being linked to by reaching out to other bloggers and site owners, but he shouldn't just go posting links to his own content on promotional sites. Search engines are adapting to recognize the difference. 

For others - natural link means - the link from another site to his site or article. And that link must be created by a person or a webmaster who has reviewed the contents of the linked page on his site or article, and he has appreciated it to such an extent that he decided to share it with other visitors to his site for the purpose of increasing their knowledge on the topic or theme from both sites.

And to get a link to a hub, article or a column, one needs to do a lot of research of potential people interested in the content of his hub, then he must ask them to read it, and then ask politely if they liked his content and if they liked they will give it an acknowledgment by placing a link on their site. 

Other experts on SEO found that social networks are great source of natural links, so another great way to secure them is to share your content with friends and family who can, in turn, share it on their social network profiles with their friends. That's by and far one of the best ways to get high quality, natural links as search engines look upon Facebook, Twitter and Google links very favorably.